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Thelephone system PBX For Small Office

PBX Systems For Small Office

Small business PBX systems are key to cost-effectiveness and unified communications between offices. There are six distinct advantages to using a small office pbx, as described below.

1 – Go global.

The ability to take several small branches and unify them as “one big office” is a cost-effective measure that should not be overlooked. If a small business has even two or three branches in different areas that are not within local calling distance, the cost-savings can be enormous. Additionally, a PBX system can allow even a small business to compete on a global scale by creating ally offices, nationally and internationally.

2 – Encourage telecommuting.

Small businesses can save a great deal of money on building overhead and insurance by having their employees telecommute. They can also boast about going green by giving their employees the option of telecommuting. Small business PBX systems can connect contractors, consultants, and work-at-home employees connected through extensions that save money and time.

3 – Internal Quality Control.

Because a PBX system can be maintained internally, quality of calls and logistical considerations are all handled internally – and, when a small business can “do it themselves,” that means they are saving money by not having to depend on outside sources. Additionally, if something goes wrong, everything is handled in-house, which typically means that money is saved by not having to use an outside consultant or service worker.

4 – Hardwire cost-effectiveness.Simply put, installing a PBX system works with the internet setup that is already there – so no new wiring has to be installed. Even a new parallel system is cost-effective, comparatively speaking – because there is a limited amount of installation that needs to be accomplished.

5 – Reduce maintenance costs.

Because IP PBX works over a single network, that means there are no additional maintenance costs for two separate systems. A traditional phone and IP system would work on separate networks – voice and data – which would be eliminated with the installation of PBX for a small business.

6 – Costs to make changes are reduced.

When an office moves, or new employees arrive, or desks and offices are switched, the cost to move a traditional phone system can be exorbitant. Not so with a PBX system – the employee simply unplugs phone and computer, moves them to their new location, and no other change will be required.

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